Box 2 App Content

As we await the completion of The Peace Box app, we wanted to ensure that you still have the entire Peace Box experience! Enjoy everything the app has to offer by scrolling down below. 

Box 2 Lessons

Find all the Box 2 lessons for Peace Box Kids and Peace Box Teens by clicking the button below!

Box 2


The activities for Box 2 are West African Djembe  (pronounced JEM-bay) drums and the Ghanian board game called The Game of Achi! Instructions and material for each activity are provided in Box 2! Instructions are in the Impact Guide. 


Reading/Discussion Guides

The Peace Box Team believes that family and community is important! We also know that the conversations that may be prompted by this box could be difficult; because of this we have set up reading and discussion guides to help you through these conversations. We encourage you to read these books, watch these movies, and have these conversations together! 

Parents: We suggest reading the chapter book to/with your child -- no matter how old they are! This will not only promote togetherness, but it will also ensure that you are right there in the event of any questions. 

William Kamkwamba's Personal Story

The Peace Box Team believes in telling the personal stories of every day people. Check out the video above to hear William Kamkwamba tell you his own story in his own words!