The Family Journey to Anti-Racism


What is The Peace Box?

 The Peace Box aims to create change by educating, equipping and activating families in the fight against racism. Families are presented with education, community, action steps, and most importantly -- hope. Our hope is that at the end of this 24 month journey families feel empowered to take the life long journey forward into being change agents in the world around them. 

The Peace Box is 24 First Steps over two years. Each box takes you on a journey through Black history, while relating the lesson to what is happening today through anti-racism education. You will learn about the unsung heroes of Black history, while also hearing personal stories of present day pain and triumph. Each box includes a book, hand-crafted activities that families do together and products that are relevant to the theme and are sourced largely from Black-owned businesses. 

Our mobile app helps families connect in ongoing guided discussions. We know we’re better together, so we are building a supportive community among the families who are participating. Proceeds from the box benefit organizations that support Black and Brown communities. 

How It Works

The Peace Box creates change by educating and equipping families to take action against racism. 

24 First Steps

The Peace Box is 24 monthly guides for families who want to learn how to challenge racism.

Learn and Grow

Each Peace Box contains materials for adults, teens and kids to learn, grow and act together.

Join Together

We Are Better Together! Join our digital community and journey with others through the Peace Box app. 

Take Action

Each month's box helps you take action to address racism in your community and in our nation.

Who Is The Peace Box For?

What's In The Box?

Each month's box is based around a theme, and includes:

- Books

- Video Lessons

- Discussion Guides

- Activities and Games

- A Continuing Graphic Novel

- Something "Cool"

- A Call to Action

And More!


How Did The Peace Box Start?

What our members say about Peace Box

 "I really appreciate the authenticity and realness of this box. Working through the box has sparked priceless conversations for my family and me." 

Jylesa R.

 "The Peace Box makes educating myself and my children on how to be change agents, easier. Thanks Peace Box for giving me effective steps to properly move forward." 

Brandon J.

"As we navigate life as a mixed-race couple we are regularly faced with decisions about what to say to our children. The Peace Box brings structure to our discussions."

Kristina R.

A Message From Lecrae

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